Fort Lewis, WA, ~ 12 June 68

... By luck, I was issued a field jacket (I don't know whether I can Keep it or not.).

I have the top bunk of the top floor of the barracks. Weather fitfully rainy but warm.

We will report for haircuts, uniforms, and the first tests friday, 6-14-68.

More next time,

Love, John

PS, Don't try to write. I don't know my address yet -

when I do, I'll send it. Send this on to Mama please.

Fort Sam Houston, TX, June 1968

Dear Mama,

How is everybody there? I got over my sore throat, cut my head on an electrical box and healed that up very nicely.

Life here consists of a little learning, lots of barracks cleaning, shoe and brass polishing, eating, PT (Physical Training), and 2 to 7 hours of sleep.

The weather is hot, 80 deg., humid 80%, and sunny with broken clouds and wind.

To my pleasant surprise, I found out that Basic Training is only six weeks long because of the absence of combat training. We don't have any leave after Basic or after driver school which for me will add 2 weeks to Basic. After driver training, I will go to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) for 10 weeks. At that time, I will be assigned to somewhere (I chose Hawaii or North California) where the Army needs me. Whether I get to go where I chose or not depends on where the Army needs men.

Has anyone done anything to the house?

I forgot to mention that at the end of AIT I get 2 weeks leave and money for transportation to my assignment. This I can use to go home and then to my post instead of straight to my post.

Please send Kappy my sincere greetings and send me any word from her.

How is Roger? Which reminds ...