Fort Sam Houston, TX, 7 July 1968

Dear Mama,

This is a short letter to answer a few of your questions.

My service no. comes right after my name in the address (US 56987155). I don't remember saying anything about saying nothing.??? Our barracks are not air conditioned but the service club, some classrooms, the cafeteria (not the mess hall) the PX and the commissary are.

Keep me informed about Kappy as she travels - you did in your letter which was good. Someone will have to pick up the check if there is one. I think it is just a small one. hat book did you send to Diane? Thanks for the invite to the Ensley's.

I wrote the Gilbertson boy & told him the price for the cycle and tire.

Keep the records clean & be careful with the turntable and you should have no trouble with the equipment.

Sorry about Dave - say hi to Reggie for me.

No time now to see the Hemisfair but after I get into AIT I will be able to go.

We got top barracks 3 times last week so we had post privileges this weekend.

When I get the name of the people with the class, I can in effect get a Sunday morning pass off post. This is kind of a rare privilege so I am looking forward to it.

Things are tough but not really that bad. If you (I) take the right attitude, you can get along all right.

About the dryer - it is the motor bearings, probably, that have given out. See Fernie for a new motor or bearings.

I am at the Service club now and must get back to the barracks soon.

Much love

Take care


PS, I need air mail stamps.


Fort Sam Houston, TX, 14 July 1968

Dear Mama,

What is going on up there? I haven't heard from anyone in a while. Before I forget, I want you to send me one copy of a lot of "Do You Know", 'The Hell of the Bible", you know now on the phone.

I spent this afternoon with - you would never have guessed - Miss Dianna L Jacobs and Miss Fort Bragg, yes that is her name. Dianna has the nicest personality but Fort is the prettiest. Except for the sunburn, the swimming is fabulous.

Can't think of anything I didn't say on the phone.

Much love


Fort Sam Houston, TX, 28 July 1968

Dear Mama,

I have been very fortunate in this class - we have had full post privileges for 4 out of 5 weeks, more than any other class before and will have all anyone ever gets next weekend. That will make it a record 5 out of 6. We have set records in written tests, our practical work here, and our work at camp Bullis. We got 16.7 out of a possible 17 in map and compass navigation - the highest ever. Class 23-B got no post at all and most classes not more than one or two.

I have committed myself to start LPC (Leader Preparation Course) This coming Friday - there is no guarantee that I will finish, but I will give it all I have. If I finish, it will mean a position of Corporal (trainee) in AIT and possibly a promotion to E-2 in AIT.

The last night at camp we had a night navagation course (follow a set compass for a hike of 4 miles) in which we (our group of 5) came in ahead of the last group by 30 minutes. There was nothing to do but wait so we lay on the ground and looked at the stars. The Milky Way was bright as were all the stars. Where are the Pleades? I couldn't find them.

My hands and arms are the shade of the sopt of paper only brown.

I have gone to a bible study class at the chapel #3 at 8:30 sunday for 2 weeks. A very interesting and understanding man leads the class in an intelligent discussion of why there is sin at all.

Tell Aleta and Fred and every one hello for me, especially Kappy.

Put more questions in your next letter so I can think of what to write. It sounds like some beautiful things have been happening there, nothing at all here. No - I will have to take that back. Last night a bunch of us were walking down the street and saw how beautiful the clouds were in the sunset. Someone said, "If the Army could, they would paint it Olive Drab and stencil US ARMY on it. It's just too good for trainees

May God be with you,

love John

PS, Dont worry about the notice from the bank of Idaho. I have already paib it if they got my letter.