Fort Sam Houston, TX, 1 September 1968

Dear Mama,

It is Monday and I am on guard duty; 2 hours on and four hours off. I am off from 6PM to 10PM.

Martha Smith is not too bad looking. I just may get to see her in Hawaii if I go there.

Send the book separately if you want to for a lower rate.

I am sending some letters with this letter. Read them and put them away somewhere.

I just met a fellow who is a product designer from Carbondale, Ill. (the University there). Very interesting.

Yesterday I read about some experiment on rats and dogs breathing water. One dog went 45 minutes in the water and is still alive and healthy.

It rained all day today. Tomorrow we go out and carry stretchers around in the mud. Ug.

Training is rather dull and most of it is on a seventh grade level. The most difficult part is staying awake.

Do send the dictionary if you can find it. Also send the long harmonica with the curved front - also in the desk. I may play this one in the rhythm section when we march. Please send also my drill press and my bed and my stereo and ... wish, wish.

More later

much love John