Fort Sam Houston, TX, 6 October 1968

Dear Mama,

Sorry this is late but now the play is over and I will have more free time to write.

I went to the Hemisfair yesterday and saw a demonstration from IBM. Do you remember me telling you about a TV screen that you could draw on with a light pen and it would appear on the screen? That is what I used to draw the design on. A computer took it from there and told a loom how to weave the cloth. It took, in all, perhaps 8 minutes to draw and weave; a process that formerly took 18 to 24 HOURS. Take good care of it. It is one of 4 in the world. I have 3. IBM has 1. I am also sending one to Erin.

I probably will not go to the convention since it would cost a lot of money I haven't got; unless you came by car to get me. But, don't push it. It is not that important to me.

We graduate the 18th and I will go to Spokane and stay with Don & Anne a day or so because the plane lands there.

Will call probably next weekend.

Love John