Fort Lewis, WA, 1 January 1969

Dear Mama,

Happy New Year!

Just a quick note to let you know what is going on here.

Chester Lamar and I along with Fred Singleton sent in an order for three copies of "The Time Is At Hand" and have been studying almost day and night for most of a week on everything from Genesus to Revelations.

I got $15.00 I didn't expect so here is $25.00.

I met a very nice girl at the skating rink. Says she will write often. I will too.

Marcia sends her thanks to me and I send mine. Thanks for the subscription to The Bible Standard. I can use it here and find it of interest too.

How about it? If the angels were going to loose the plagues on the earth for five months, would this not be 150 years? If so, the end of Jacobs trouble should be 2022 AD. Right?

Must go. It's late and I have KP tomorrow.

May God be with you.

Love, John