Fort Lewis, WA, 5 February 1969

Dear Mama,

What is it that Karen Wants to tell me? Whatever it is, she need not worry about what I would say. I can think of nothing better than to have Karen love me. She is a most wonderful person - the same wonderful person that I offered my love to once before. So, whatever it is, say it. Not you , Mama, Karen, when she is ready to. But let her know, for me, in some diplomatic way, what I say here. Truthfully, I never enjoyed skating with anyone as much as I did with Karen - never. I loved Karen very much but I had to put it away in a corner of my heart because it wasn't accepted. It would be very wonderful to take it out and give it away. Donna is a wonderful person also but she doesn't understand things like Karen does.

Nothing new here - the IG inspection is the 11th instead of the 13th - 2 days less of doing dumb things like making sure your soap dish is within 1/8th inch of where it should be in your footlocker. When the sarge was talking to all of us, he said he would have to find out how they wanted the combs - with the large teeth on the right pointing up, on the right pointing down, on the left pointing up, or on the left pointing down. I spoke up and said that my comb worked pretty much the same no matter how I put it away. Everyone thought that was quite funny.

Say Hi to Fred and Aleta and Reggie but especially to Karen.

God bless you all,

Love John

Fort Lewis, WA, 26 February 1969

Dear Mama,

I was just appreciating your letter after a week or so of not getting anything (except Don's letter yesterday) and the thought hit me that you probably like to see something in your PO box as much as I do. So I will write as well as phone.

Thanks for giving Karen the rose - enclosed is $2.00 to cover whatever expense there was. Karen has not written me - encourage her if that is what she needs.

Don has offered to sell me their car for $600.00. I wrote to the First Bank of Troy and asked about a loan of that amount. I don't know whether I want to buy a car just now or not. I probably could do it but it would take every cent I can scrape up so I wouldn't have money for other things I want to do.

By the way, I made SP4 yesterday (Specialist 4) which is an extra $42.00 per month.

Did I tell you I am going to sing the Easter parts of Handel's Masiah here at the main post chapel on Easter? Does it say in the Bible Standard when the Passover is?

David and Nancy treated me to a movie (Camelot) last weekend. It was a wonderful show but very sad. I think the record is among those at home.

Wish Galen a happy birthday for me if you talk to him before I do.

Tell Fred hello for me - and Aleta and Reggie.

Did anyone clean out the heat exchanger?

I sent off the order for 4 Divine Plans and received them quite quickly. I gave one to Chester Lamar and one to Fred Singleton and one to Lt. Forbes and kept one for myself.

Thank you for sending the snapshot and for not sending the slides. I wouldn't want them lost or scratched. A print can be easily replaced if lost.

The weather here is nice 40 or so and sunny but I don't see much of it because for the last 3 days I have been working 16 hours a day. To bed at 12:00 up at 5:30. At least I can nap and write letters during the day.

May God be with you,

Love John