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Wonder Vessel

This poem,
written many years ago,
speaks of heartbreak that these stark new times
force us to endure
and of the hope
that the WTC milestone begins to illuminate.
Oh Wonder Vessel, ship of life, master of the sea.
Made from dusty earthiness for eternity.
Fill your sails with cool winds that are the breath of life.
Breathe the stormy sorrow-joys that stem from human strife.
Learn from each intended good that sank with toll of bell.
Learn that dark and crushing storms may teach a lesson well.
Taste the tears of bitter grief, the salty blood of man.
Drink! The cup of dregs is yours. Eke from it what you can.
Hear its cries, O vessel bold. Listen to the sea
Whisper plans of paradise held in sanctity.
See the dawn of happiness beyond your wildest dream.
There is no mind, no heart, no soul His love cannot redeem.
Yes, and softly pray. O stately one, master of the sea.
Pray that God may plot your course for eternity.
J Kirkwood © 1960-2001

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