Rules and Instructions for Using Material from Charts4Christ

All the material included in Charts4Christ is copyrighted, actually copyleft. Copyleft is new concept in protecting a work of art or literature that requires you to respect the integrity of each chart, artwork, diagram, photo or text as you share it with, or present it to, others without cost. Copyleft will promote the widespread sharing of high fidelity copies of these Christian resources.

These instructions in full and the author's name (where available), must follow these complete and unaltered works wherever they may be presented. Any money that is involved must be for postage, packaging and other incidental expenses. There must be no charge for the material itself and admission must not be charged to any presentation. The context of their presentation must be carefully considered to be helpful, loving, and in full accord with First Corinthians 13. It is our desire that the rich blessings we receive from our heavenly father through Christ be made available to ALL people regardless of their station or ability to pay.

Please address any questions by E-mail to John M. Kirkwood at

May God bless your work.