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This love poem section is dedicated to all those whose hearts I have had the privilege to share in discovery, delight, despair and, yes, even death. They all have an especially tender place in in my heart, yet the one whose love and "soft hand touched spark to tinder in my heart and set the flame of love alight" is singularly cherished and enabled me to learn to love, to trust and to be loved. It is with life's finest feelings then, now and always, that I dedicate this page to Elaine Windham Queener.

The Flame

What many months that grew to years have passed
Since that soft hand touched spark to tinder in my heart
And set the flame of love alight.
That love, quite like a flame,
With quiet plume, burned on with warmth from day to day.
Was like the moon and stars or dawn to dusk in constancy.
With sudden emptiness, no warm reflecting face returned the light.
The flame shrank back from sharp, cold, winkless stars of night.
The days and nights
Their times and places kept.
Till years swept by like mist.
Multitudes of feet and faces
Filed by to note the fire burning low
Yet carried on as though they noticed not.
Then, from within the passing throng, a pause.
Two feet passed close to ponder why the fire burned so low.
Fanned by the north wind,
Leaped the flame to warm and light the hope
That seemed so near yet stood afar and glowed so dimly that the blaze,
Though bright, could not illuminate the night
And to its former self returned.
However cold ensuing nights would be,
The fires height had warmed the fuel so,
That even though the will to live had fled,
The warmth remained
And urged the flame to grow and light the way
For someone's unseen need.
Softly dusk became the night.
Yet more softly came a shadow that would use
The fire's dim but steady light.
Slow at first, but with a gathering intensity,
Burned the flame, illuminating beauty that the shadow held.
With modesty and feeling the fire and the figure
Exchanged each other's light for light until the radiating glow lit brightly
Two diverging paths that they must take.
Time and fortune pulled them on their separate ways
Till only darkness camped about the flame.
But seeing that in dimness lay no strength
The flame took faith and burned on brightly,
Sustained by patience and humility of that departed form.
Now the fire has a clean and steady flame
That burns with increased brilliance when the need is great
Or dims a bit when the slings and arrows of misfortune bow it low.
Yet, however bright or dim the light or warm the glow,
Its power lies within the fuel of faith it burns.


Alive hands,
Strong softness, caressing, creating,
Reaching to fill needs
Of small heads, small hands fleeing,
Flying into flowered meadowlands of growing up,
And on.
Alive heart,
Though it break-mend-break giving love, living love.
Alive faith,
Knowing kneeling seeing walking blind in His hand in Him
In His love.
Alive eyes,
Radiant or tearful, filled with care
Glimmer glint glow-share the hearts most
Tender sad wonder joy feelings.
A window on your wonder person.
Alive touch,
Warm gentle giving caring lips.
Calling telling wonder beckoning
To be one in communion of love-touch-love.
Alive mind,
Sensing scintillating singing sighing
Flying with me, around me.
Moments musing memories soft in my heart-hand.
Alive you,
yes, alive you.
You are the most alive person I know,
And love.


Day, night, night, day,
Time spun the earth but my heart and soul
Echoed within me and I was but a shadow.
A hot wind blew and swirled parched dry facts
That are life without love . . . .
I live!
I love!
The cool swift sounds,
That make life the exuberant hope that it is,
Shout, pound, ripple, and caress the silent sands of life
And love.
Be loved.
Love till your heart bursts with joy
And fills the crisp clear air with a song
That only two can sing.


Soft Wings

One day as I stood in the sun by the sea
On top of a sandy hill,
There came to my ears the sound of soft wings
When all the world was still.
I looked up from that place on the earth where I stood
With my feet in the warm white sand,
And beheld in the sky a beautiful bird
Sailing in from the sea to the land.
The bird circled over my head in the sky
And seemed to say as it flew
Tell me your thoughts on the things you have done
And I'll tell you of my thoughts too.
I fell in love with the beautiful bird
That soared so close in the skies.
I fell in love with its elegant grace
And beautiful bright dark eyes.
I extended my hand to offer it rest
From softly circling above.
I extended my heart in a way I thought best
And called to it all of my love.
The bird looked at me with a look that was care
Then looked far out to the sea.
I knew that the bird had another love there
And that it could never love me.
I lowered my gaze to my feet while I heard,
In the cool of the evening light,
The bird fly away with my heart on its wing
Far into the gathering night.
The wonderful bird had returned to its love
Far over the restless tide.
There I was left with the sound of the sea's
Soft whispering by my side.
I stood there and pondered the first of my thoughts
I was grieved by the loss of my love;
But the feelings remaining deep in my soul
I have cherished no others above.

Dearest Reba

Dearest Reba,
I mean it, Reba,
From the bottom of my heart
I mean it.
I think that we could learn to live,
To love, and care.
I think that we could learn to see,
To know, and share.
But love's not blind to other love,
Though sad it is.
I'll stand aside, yet love no less,
And let Your love be his.
We can remain the very best
Of friends, I trust,
Continue on each day and do
The things we must.
We'll meet to paint, discuss, or talk,
Or just to think.
I can be sure you understand
By when you wink.
Still if sometime your thoughts should change,
I would they could,
Thus welcome you with open arms
And heart, I would.
Till then I'll be a friend in deed.
Oh, were it more!
I love you, Reba, very much,
Just as before.

Dear Reba,

Many of these thoughts you know and appreciate
Some you must live to understand.
I hope these thoughts I cherish can help you
Live life more fully, more deeply.
They concern whomever you love.
Trust, Reba, trust.
Trust your love in each small thing.
Then trust in peace when trouble's yours.
Trust him, Reba, always.
Hope, Reba, hope.
Let hope carry you Through joy and grief.
Hope for a better tomorrow.
Search for the good in today.
Hope, Reba, together.
"Faith, hope, love, Abide these three,
But the greatest of these is love.
So love, Reba, love
Love with a boundless joy that fills your heart and soul.
Love with a reasoning love that examines every detail.
Love with a thoughtless love that needs no reminding.
Love him every day as if it were his last.
Love, Reba, deeply.
Trust hopefully
Hope continually
Love all you can
And pray.


Reach out to life
And love.
Know your life and love
With every fiber that you are
And then stand back a bit in awe
Of what two souls can do.


It Takes Great Strength

It takes great strength
To love and lose
And live to love anew.
It takes great strength
To love to live
And think of others, too.
It takes courage,
Compassion, hope,
To resolutely stand
And let the winds blow
As they may
Across life's shifting sand.
It takes true love,
A higher kind,
To love with all your soul,
Then refuse
To live that love
But set another goal.
It takes wisdom,
Strength and love
Compassion, hope, and trust.
I pray that I may have
Each one
To bear the grief I must.

Michel, Michel


A book
Of words,
Of thoughts
Of wrong And woe.
The words could say
True tragedy
But stop
Just short
To let one think
How power of character
Made it be.
The lies
That tried
With love
To cover up
The love
That tried
To fill the half-full cup.
I see
These words
Yet on beyond each leaf I find,
When one does look,
A greater grief;
A hurt
That's felt
From deep within.
A pain
That's passed,
Though woe it is,
From kith to kin
An anger
Fraught with futile hopes,
A rage
For wrong
Done as if 'twere right,
Or worse,
A wrong
That knows it's wrong
But will
Not shout to stop.
That will not
Cry out in the dark
For light.
You see
These travesties of heart,
I know.
I thought,
You'd like
To see,
To know,
I know.


As love is given, loved and lost,
Discovered hoped and found again,
As kinder feelings fresh and fade
And sometimes turn to pain.
As emotions lived each day
Become the one you are
Your life is made of things unseen
Gathered near and far.
Gather in with each lost love,
As years are made from days,
An understanding kindness
With soft and tender ways.
Learn to loose yet love again
Joyfully at best.
Let love triumph if you can.
It's loves severest test.
Yet, Marcia, as you live,
Please remember I'm remembering and knowing,
"Love comes in its own good time".



Dearest Donna, troubled soul,
God has made you less than whole.
Formed and molded all of us
Part unfinished, created thus.
Take your life, the one you know,
Torn and tattered, crumpled so.
Smooth it out and look a bit.
Stand with me and ponder it.
I see with each unsightly tear
Understanding crouching there.
Each small wrinkle means to me
Loving, feeling, sympathy.
I feel that only warmth and love,
Helped with guidance from above,
Can lift a spirit trodden so
Crushed and wounded, bowed so low.
Help me, Donna, love that way
Easing hurts that dim each day.
Helping footsteps as you learn.
Asking nothing in return.
Let my love be willing hands
To help you walk life's shifting sands.
Undemanding brotherhood,
Understanding, understood.


It took great strength for you to see
That love, just love alone,
Can't make a marriage fruitfully,
Not all the love you own.
For faith in all its aspects
Provides the stone to build
A lasting understanding
That God with love has filled.
You need the faith that tells you
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
There's only one man for you.
The one that you pick out.
The faith that God is with us
To help where we must fail
To set our keel right again
And swell a lifeless sail.
A faith that storms and sorrow
When met in later years
Will bring a bright tomorrow
Instead of bitter tears.
Oh, love, all faith I'd give to you
Yet this I can't begin.
For faith like this, as you well know,
Comes from deep within.


A Card Given


It's clear
for all to see,
It's vivid as the
colors of a rainbow,
that when an observer
apprehends its full colors
and its sweeping brilliance
LOVE is visible only to
the feeling heart that
reaches out to love.
May this very
special time
bring you
joy !!



I'm Gaining altitude of late.
Things are a rarer blue.
I owe to God my newfound height
But the wings I owe to you.


Mon Amie

I miss you this evening my darling
Intensely with all of my heart.
I yearn for the sound of your laughter
These days when we must be apart.
Tonight when a moment of peace was
Free from the doing and din
Your presence and loving demeanor
Flooded my heart from within.
I desire, I crave and I hunger
For the love and the touch of your care.
I will it. I wish and I want you.
I covet your company rare.
Caresses of fingers and kisses,
The warmth and the voice of my dear,
The thoughts and the moods of my missis,
I want and I wish to be here.
I miss you a lot there's no doubting
All the hours of darkness and day.
But this eve all my senses are calling
Mon amie, who is far, far away.

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