Instructions for Sharing

Many of you may have drawings, photos, maps, charts and even treasured textual material that represent a wealth of information unavailable to most of the world until now. The webmaster of this site invites you to submit anything that you feel would be appropriate to share with like minded Christians. The material that we elect to post to the site must meet the standards of Charts4Christ.

The file types that work the best for us are:

Send submissions attached to an E-mail message to

Please send material that is not copyrighted or that is permitted by the author for this purpose. Please include copyright or copyleft legal information about your submission and the authors name and address where it is available.

Copyleft is a new and growing legal concept that prevents the alteration or distortion of a work but lets it be reproduced for anyone to use without cost or other obligation.

If you have material which you would like to send and that is not yet in any electronic format, please e-mail to the above address for instructions. PLEASE do NOT send original artwork unless you have discussed it with us.