Poetry by John Kirkwood

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The Accident

2630 Pettit Road
Pennsauken NJ 08109 1 November 1989
Mr Johnathan Newcombe, President
Professional Services
440 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632


Dear Mr. Newcombe,

I recently received some cards to mail out to various publishers of text books as part of a mass mailing. I was urged to send to you a card with a preprinted message damning the teaching of any alternate thought to the theory of evolution.

Since a good theory will fit and explain most if not all of the observed data to which the theory applies, the theory of evolution does not stand up to scrutiny as even a moderately good theory. A simple example will serve to illuminate the flawed thinking patterns in the theory of accidental and chance evolution.

There is, in true science, a postulation so well founded and carefully tested that it is called the principle of entropy. This is the postulation that every complex construction or system will, if left untended, become less and less complex as time progresses. A house of cards becomes a pile, a sand castle on the shore becomes beach, not the other way around.

With this principle in mind, let us look in on the evolutionist at work in the field.

"I have in my hand a small item of flint that seems to have been created by an intelligent being. The shape of the whole is purposeful and the working of the edges shows fine evenly spaced chips producing a carefully crafted tool. The workmanship and the product was no accident. It therefore is unmistakeably of human origin. However, I conclude that accidental evolution produced the tool's human creator."

If this is the scientific thought being taught in our schools, we indeed, as the card I was asked to sign stated, "... cannot afford yet another generation of students unable to distinguish between science and dogma." whether it be the one dogmatic extreme or the other.

I personally ask you to publish ideas and inspirations that urge and entice the science student to think and discover the truth, whatever it may be. We need more young scientists who can reason from the evidence to clever flexible ideas that withstand the rigors of unbiased investigation.

We may or may not be thought of as the product of an evolutionary process. However, we are certainly no accident.


Wishing us all the very best in books,
And to you the wisdom to choose them,
John M. Kirkwood
Ergonomics Engineer
General Electric Co.

The Sea

Down on the ocean edge
A green tide is sighing
Whispering tenderly
caressing the sand;
Shimmering, motioning,
beckoning me.
My thoughts are there often,
And often my heart,
There with the seagulls
whose flapping and cries
Seem to be saying
"Rejoice we are free."
The seaside is laughing
and shouting to me.
Flee to its heartbeat,
Bound into the sea.
joy is mine always
when there I can be.
With each cool murmur
with each subtle laugh,
The seaside is joyfully
calling to me.

Soft White Feet

The snow drifts down
On soft white feet.
Slows, then waits, still
Drifts, drifts on.
White sheets slanting
Across my window pane.
Halt, turn, and lightly
Drift, drift on.
Cold silent forms
Erase the window sill .
Stirred by winter's breath, they
Drift, drift on.
Falling, drifting, slanting
From heaven's heights
Fleeting frozen patterns
Drift, drift, on.


Sighing softly,
She stood,
In the Twilight.
Her beautiful outstretched arms
Swayed gracefully, tenderly
In the caress of a soft breeze.
Snow nestled in her fingers,
Dressed her in peaceful splendor
And sparkled silently on her shoulders
In the chill of the gathering night.
I stopped and gazed in breathless awe
And time stopped with me,
Halted so that we,
The tree and I,
Might exchange our feelings thought for thought.
I watched,
Lost in an eternity,
Yet caught in the flight of time.

The Night

A sunset,
A shimmer,
A gleam, Then it's past.
A twinkle,
A glimmer,
The night's here at last.
A night
Like an
With gold dust afloat,
Or fireflies
An old castle moat.
The moon
Makes its
A silvery glance.
A knight
In his
And preceding lance.
A drama
of beauty
In wonderful light.
This is
Awe inspiring night.


The weather seems as though
It were a curse upon the land;
Torrential rain and hail stones
Piling up on either hand.
The clouds are gloomy gray
And the rain comes down in sheets,
Making rushing, gushing rivers
In the gutters of the streets.
The torrents seem to thin.
The sky turns from gray to blue.
An awful storm is over.
The sun is breaking through.